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Unsung Patriot:  Guy T. Viskniskki

Unsung Patriot:  Guy T. Viskniskki, How The Stars and Stripes Began, is the biography of the first officer-in-charge and the first editor-in-chief of The Stars and Stripes, the newspaper of the American Army.  Virginia G. Vassallo uses Guy's unpublished memoirs of his struggle to get the paper going in 1917-1918, in Paris, France, in the middle of World War I. Lack of paper, lack of printing press and lack of men to staff the paper were just a few of the problems to be overcome ibn the search to provide a newspaper for the American Expeditionary Forces.

Virginia draws on her knowledge of the family to paint a well-rounded picture of this dynamic yet complex man whose legacy is The Stars and Stripes.  For her this book was a search to find the grandfather she never knew.

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