April 12, 2016 @ 4:05 PM

One of the things that plagues an author is having someone come up and say: "Hi, Russ!"  I look and know I have seen that person before but no name comes to mind.  Worse, there are times when I draw a complete blank.  Why does this upset me?  Because every person is important and they deserve to be remembered.  I chide myself that such a thing is impossible because we sometimes speak to as many as three hundred people at any given event.  This does not include other authors, employees and vendors.

I have opened a photo album and have started collecting photos so at least I can refer to them and find out who the person was.  Recently at Centre College, a lovely, tall woman called my name and it was obvious she knew me.  But I just did not know who she was and I feel terrible with a capital T.

Apparently this is a problem for other authors as well.  We meet hundreds of people, many of whom purchase our books and yet others who merely stop to chat.  It just isn't possible for a man who has the same breakfast every morning so he'll remember what he ate to recall names and faces.  So if you see me at an event, please do remind me where me met and your name.