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Streetwise: Mafia Memoirs

Streetwise:  Mafia Memoirs is the ultimate memoirs.  It is the intricate tale of the streets of Newark, New Jersey, in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.  Russell Vassallo's grandfather, Rosolino Vassallo, was a Mafia boss.  As a result, Russ grew up in a family and culture few of us ever know.  

Before he was forty, the author had risked his own life to save a friend from hit men.  His was a divided loyalty and silence to his family and friends who skirted the treacherous borders of gangsterism.  Serious at times, hilarious at others, Russ paints the underworld with glowing strokes of his early life.  A can't-put-it-down book.

Mafia Honor

He felt the river wind turn cold as it did at the first light of day.  It was then he realized that he laid alongside the dirt road leading through Audubon Park and very near the Mississippi so why should he not feel its breeze.  And the autumnal wind made a shrieking sound as if someone was pushing a child upon a swing or a passing ship was sounding from its creaking boards.  But the echo drew neither nearer nor further away and thus he knew it could not be a ship or even a child on a swing.  No.  It was there, just rasping to and fro like the solemn strokes of a hanging ornament or the rusty hinges of an old door.

So begins Mafia Honor.

Mafia Diary

Mafia Diary is the sequelt to Mafia Honor, taking Rosolino Vassallo from his move to Newark, New Jersey, until his death from natural causes in 1944.  Russ details his grandfather's rise to power in New Jersey, and the reader meets many famous, or infamous, men in the Mafia.  Russ remembers meeting many of these men when he was a child.

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Mafia Diary is no longer in print.