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Memoirs of the Streets

Memoirs of the Streets is based upon Russ Vassallo's recollections of growing up in Newark, New Jersey during the 1950s and 60s.  In this collection of short stories, Russ tells of the 'lost' people of his city - those people that no one would remember but their stories should be told.

In Johnny Blood Russ returns to his old neighborhood.  While there he sees visions from his past including Marie, his first love, who encourages him to face a troubling memory of abuse.

Ethel is a young girl living in an abusive foster home, trying to protect the younger children there and yet daring to dream of love.  (The Outcast Heart)

Jazzo is the young boy with so much potential but he cannot stay on the path that would get him out of the ghetto.

Joe Manz, the product of an abusive home, tried to build a life for himself by joining the Marine Corps but the city called him back to face a compelling destiny. (Sweet Face)

Moffit, an elderly man, and Jimmy, a foster child, are two lost souls in the neighborhood yet their stories are unforgettable.  Mr. Moffitt taught the author the true meaning of dignity while Jimmy taught him how to roll with life's punches.

For Eddie is the touching story of an older boy who inspires the younger kids in the neighborhood.  The author claims the ghost of Eddie actually wrote the story.

Deep is the Dark

Deep is the Dark is a psychic mystery.  As a child Simon Trent discovered that he possessed a unique power of medical diagnosis.  Although Simon is shunned by family and friends, his family doctor recognizes Simon's paranormal ability as a force for good and recruits Simon to aid his patients.  The, on a trip to a Caribbean island, a chance encounter leads Simon into the mysteries of voodoo which escalates his paranormal influence to an unbelievable level.  But Simon is fixated on his love of Sudi and his hopes for a normal life.  When Simon is enlisted to help a young, demented girl of mysterious circumstances, an internal struggle ensues where two souls clash for supermacy.  The struggle between good and evil is encompassing and mesmerizing.


Deep is the Dark is no longer in print.

An April Trail In Kentucky

We had riding horses but there were no trails and the land was rugged and unforgiving.  Long years of neglect had wreaked its confusion upion the wooded paths. So in April of my fifty-eighth year, my wife and I went up into the woodlands to fashion a jagged trail.  It became an April Trail that meandered, not only through the woods surrounding our land, but through the woodlands of our lives. It was there we found each other,  It was our Kentucky story.

Ride along with Russ and meet a man who lived his ending days in the hollow of a beech tree.  Meet the Queen of Woods Creek Road.  For this is not merely a trail through the woods, but one we all have traversed ... one we all have forged and ridden, be it alone ... or with someone we love.  It is a trial of memories ... of never-ending recollections.  An April Trail through life.

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