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Tears and Tales: Stories of Animal and Human Rescue

Tears and Tales contains eleven short stories about real animals that have helped to "rescue" the author.  Many readers have come back to tell us how much the book helped them to overcome a problem or crisis in their lives.  It will inspire you to keep trying when life says you should quit.

Tears and Tales also appeals to children.  It is being used in schools to encourage young children to read.

                                                                             The Stories

Git - An abandoned dog searches for her puppies, a home and someone to love.

The Ghost Beside Me - A dog's spirit survives her death and comforts her owner.

The Horse That Cried - A horse grieves for his canine companion, showing his owner the depth of his soul.

A God of All Creatures - An abused dog finds love.

The Talking Horse - Will Willie, the talking horse, convince his owner not to see him even though he has been a problem.

To Love a Crooked Horse - A stoic, abused mare finds love and shows one of her owners how to love.

The Cardinal - A beloved dog returns as a cardinal to comfort and encourage a cancer survivor.

The Return of Lucky - A boy's love for his pony lasts for years.

Empty Nest - The story of a duck and growing up.


The Horse with the Golden Mane

Magical reality is the keynote in these stories that are based upon animals that Russ has known.

Eric - Sol was freed from a Nazi death camp and came to America to escape violence.  Mysteriously a Doberman pinscher appears behind his store, hungry and bloodstained.  Sol finds himself befriending the very breed of dog used by the Germans to hunt and attack Jewish prisoners. This is a true story as told to the author in the 1950s.

Taj - The bond between man and animal comes to full fruition when Grant Larsen pursues his horse, Taj, to prevent him from being destroyed.  In the process he learns about the misery of a crippled child and mends a broken relationship with his daughter.

The Horse with the Golden Mane - A man's desperate love for his wife leads him into a strange bond with an unruly and abused horse.  In rescuing the horse, he also is rescuing himself, but a strange twist in the plot and the man's relationship with Red Leader, parallels a search for his missing wife.

Heart of an Animal

Crammed with inspiration, laughter, tears and truth, Heart of an Animal will engrave its mark on the soul of every animal lover, young and old.  This is a collection of eleven short stories about Russ's dogs, cats and horses - and even a neighbor's mule!

The Return of Git - Git is a young dog abandoned by her owners and searching for her puppies.  Leaving the man who rescued her, Git treks into the woods and battles raging flood waters and her former owners as she tries to return home.

Git's real name is Sweet Pea who appeared at our farm, ragged and starved, in April, 1998.  Sweetie stayed with us until her death in May, 2010.  There was a time that she got caught on the far side of the creek when it flooded and we wondered if we would ever see her again.

Boots is a trilogy of stories about a rescued cat and his supposed cat-hating owner. It's a rivalry that will provoke laughter as the two trade insults.  Laugh along when Boots talks his way into cat heaven.  In the final episode, Boots - The Last Days, the author parallels his own aging process with that of the cat his has come to love.

Boots spent fifteen years with us before his death four days after Sweet Pea died.  I truly believe Boots, who had been sick much longer, waited for Sweetie.

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